Make 2018 great for both you and your pet! We all may be making resolutions for ourselves, but there are lots of ways to include your pets in this feel-good tradition! Here are 5 “Petolutions” we think you should choose.

Are you one of the many people who make a resolution every year, but never holds yourself to it? What if we told you that most of you have the perfect friend who will hold you to your feel-good resolution?

Make some “petolutions” with your resolutions and you not only have your best furry friend holding you accountable, but you’re going to make your pet’s year awesome too!

Petolution #1 – Teach Your Pet a New Trick

If you want to learn something new this year, try teaching your pet a new trick or two! It can be something simple like teaching your pet to go to their beds when asked (great idea for those excited door greeters!) or something a little more complex like rolling over! No matter what you decide, teaching tricks should be FUN for you and your pet. Use lots of positive reinforcement (AKA lots of yummy treats!) and don’t get frustrated if they don’t get it the first try! It only takes a few treats and a few minutes a day to teach your pets some amazing things. And it isn’t only dogs who can learn!

Need some treats? We’ve got you covered in our online store: Click Here!

Petolution #2 – Dump the Bowl and Get a Food Toy!

If you want to eat healthier this year, you might pick up some kale or quinoa and look up healthy recipes. For pets, most pet foods are already balanced diets with all the nutrients and healthy ingredients they need! So how can they eat healthier in 2018? Easy! Just swap that boring old bowl for a fun food toy! There are puzzles for the busybodies, balls for the excited eaters and even toys that require a good shake to send the food flying. Food toys physically and mentally stimulate your pets and help keep pets from getting bored or chubby!

Need a recommendation? Most of our pets at WVC have used food toys…even Mogli! Click here to give us a call!

Petolution #3 – Play with your Pet!

Want to be more active this year? Play with your pets! Almost every pet has an activity they love. If you’re counting steps, take them around the neighborhood with your dog! If you’re working on your upper body, wave around a cat toy for a half hour each day and feel the burn! No matter what your pet likes to do, you can both be more active in doing those things together!

Need somewhere to play with your pet? Here are a couple of dog parks in Orlando that are near us!

Dr. Phillips Dog Park
8249 Buenavista Woods BLVD
Orlando, FL 32836
(407) 254-9045

Summerport Dog Park
14491 Bridgewater Crossings Blvd.
Windermere, FL 34786
(407) 656-3299

West Orange Dog Park
12400 Marshall Farms Road
Winter Garden, FL 34787
(407) 656-3299

Petolution #4 – Come in for a Happy Vet Visit!

Improve 2018 and years to come by coming to the vet! We aren’t just saying this because we want to see your cute pets…or are we?

Your pet can gain a lot from coming to see us just to say hello. It can help get them used to short car trips, so you can start taking your pets even more places! It can also teach your pet that walking through our front door isn’t just going to end in some “bumblebees” that Dr. Hayes has to scare away. Here at Williamsburg Veterinary Clinic, we do everything we can to make every visit fear free, but you can make it even better! Need that monthly dose of heartworm prevention? Bring your dog with you to pick it up! Is your dog running around the house looking for something to do? Bring them over for some cuddles and treats!

If you are worried about a busy lobby when you get here, just give us a call and we can let you know when it might be the best time to come over. Click here to set up a happy vet visit today!

Petolution #5 – Worry Less and Help Your Pet Worry Less Too

If you want to relax more and enjoy this fresh new year – we couldn’t agree more! Having a stressed out pet could be a source of your own stress, so why not include them in your “worry less” resolution? There are symptoms of stress and anxiety in pets that you may not easily see. Did you know that cats urinating outside of the litter box is most commonly due to stress? Did you know dogs who bark excessively at the door may be anxious? We can’t really tell our pets to worry less…but we can help them work through what makes them nervous, and it does not always include medications. We have plenty of natural ideas that can help too. Add some lavender essential oil to your pet’s bedding or come pick up some Composure chews that have ingredients like tryptophan (can you say post-turkey naptime?).

Check out our behavioral consultation visits if you need help with an anxious pet.

Choose some “petolutions” to go with your resolutions this year and make 2018 great for both you and your pets! As always, Dr. Hayes and the WVC team are here to help! Click here to schedule a visit.

If you’re interested in teaching your dog some new tricks or working out some kinks in your basic training, we recommend calling Todd Campbell with South Orlando Dog Training! Check out his website here!