NOTE: We no longer see exotic pets. We recommend Exotic Animal Hospital of Orlando (407-286-3484) & Winter Park Veterinary Hospital (407-644-2676)

Just like we know things we can do to live a better life, did you know there are things we can do for our pets, too? This Spring, let’s help them live their best life. Here are a few simple goals that will help your pet:

  1. Exercise more — Pets need exercise, too. Let your pup join you on a jog, walk, or hike. Get games for your cat that encourage movement, like laser pointers and cat tunnels.
  2. Brush teeth — Imagine going just one day without brushing your teeth. Now, think of how your pet feels after going possibly years without a good teeth cleaning. Try to brush your pet’s teeth every day. If she’s not used to it, start slowly with your finger and some pet-friendly toothpaste, and then work your way to longer sessions with a pet-friendly toothbrush.
  3. Spend quality time — You can buy your pet toys, give her treats, and send her to the best doggy daycare in town, but nothing says “love” like spending quality time together. The highlight of your pet’s day is simply being with you.
  4. Visit the veterinarian — For your pet, skipping one annual veterinary exam is similar to you not visiting a doctor for seven years. Pets should be seen at least once per year (more often for senior pets over seven years of age) so we can assess their health and catch any potential health problems before they progress and become more difficult and more expensive to treat.

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