NOTE: We no longer see exotic pets. We recommend Exotic Animal Hospital of Orlando (407-286-3484) & Winter Park Veterinary Hospital (407-644-2676)

Dogs are great communicators! That may sound impossible unless we are living in the movie Up!, but it actually is true. It’s all about body language. Dogs give us many clues about how they are feeling and what they may be thinking based on their body language. In situations when a dog is afraid, understanding their facial expression and body position can mean the difference between an easily avoided injury and working toward a solution.

Here at Williamsburg Veterinary Clinic, we use a working knowledge of body language to keep your animal’s experience a low-stress one. It’s not a special secret that Dr. Hayes and Dr. Graves use to communicate with your dogs. It can be easy to understand for you as their owner, too! This video gives some great pointers on what your dog may be desperately trying to tell you!

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