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If you have a senior pet with arthritis or have joint pain yourself, you know about many options in managing it, including things like non-steroidal anti-inflammatory medications. Although we have many supplements that we recommend before starting your pet on NSAIDs, oftentimes they need something stronger to keep their pain in check. But now, we have a new option – Galliprant! Galliprant is a brand new class of medication that has none (yep, that’s right), NONE of the potentially harmful side effects of NSAIDs! It’s the first in its class of piprant drugs that directly target pain at the receptor that specifically relates to osteoarthritis. It is different from our classic non-steroidal medications like Carprofen, in that it doesn’t affect any other part of your pet and does not have to be processed through the kidneys or liver. It’s a tablet given once a day and is a fantastic long-term management option for pets with arthritis.

So you heard it here first – this brand new, super safe option for osteoarthritis management is on our shelves and any dog can try it! If you are managing your pet’s pain from arthritis, and want to give Galliprant a try, just call our office to schedule a consultation. We are so excited to be able to offer this to you and your pets!