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Recently in the clinic, we’ve gotten in some new Omega 3 supplements for your cats and dogs. Omega 3’s are only able to be processed in pets from fish oils…check out the benefits of getting your dogs on this essential fatty acid supplement.

1. Treatment of Arthritis

One of the primary uses of Omega 3 supplements is in osteoarthritis patients. In a study done by Veterinary Recommended Solutions, 42 days after their Omega 3 supplement was given to dogs, over 50% of the inflammatory response in the dog’s joints was gone. At 84 days, over 75% of inflammation was reduced.

2. Treatment of inflammatory skin disease

For those of you with pets that have allergies, you know that inflammation = itchiness, and itchiness = unhappy pets. Omega 3’s are very effective in reducing inflammation and supporting a healthy skin barrier.

3. Treatment of canine cognitive dysfunction

Fish oil has been shown to improve symptoms of cognitive dysfunction in dogs (these can include pacing at night, constant whining or barking, developing compulsive habits). It has also been shown to promote learning and brain function for growing puppies and kittens. Veterinary Recommended Solutions even makes Omega 3 supplements especially for puppies and kittens for this purpose.

4. Treatment of heart disease

Heart disease can cause weight loss, and fish oils have been shown in several studies to reduce that weight loss significantly.

5. Treatment of kidney disease

In pets with kidney disease, they can start to have problems keeping protein in their bodies and start losing it in their urine. Fish oils have been shown to slow the progression of this dysfunction in the kidneys, therefore keeping the pets healthier, longer.

Fish oil supplementation is a cost-effective, natural, and easy way to promote health in many of the organ systems. With our new Omega 3 supplements by Veterinary Recommended Solutions, your pets will be getting pure fish oils and you will be getting the added benefit of being able to have it refilled and sent to your home on an auto-refill basis. For more info, call our office!

For more details about the benefits of fish oils, check out this article on Pet Health Network: PetHealthNetwork