NOTE: We no longer see exotic pets. We recommend Exotic Animal Hospital of Orlando (407-286-3484) & Winter Park Veterinary Hospital (407-644-2676)

COVID-19 Updates

We are slowly implementing new policies effective July 12, 2021. We appreciate how patient everyone has been, and we are working to provide as many options as possible for owners as we move forward.

The lobby will remain closed since it is the most stressful location in the clinic, and we are asking owners to still call when they arrive so a staff member can assist with check-in. Please continue to use the drive-thru for all food and medication pick-ups, etc. If a client needs to use the restroom during a visit, please contact a staff member for assistance.

We are going to offer the option for owners to accompany their pets, but this option will only be available to scheduled appointment slots. We only have two exam rooms open and with how busy things have been, we simply cannot accommodate every appointment. Owners will need to wear a mask and we are asking to limit it to one client only. Our euthanasia policies have not changed and owners can always be present with their babies. We are also continuing to recommend that clients record all interactions during their visits in case there are other owners who could not be present.

For all of our feline patients, we are asking that owners let us continue with our current protocols, even if they want to be present. Cats have loved that we converted two exam rooms into cat-friendly areas of solitude. We are taking our kitty babies from the car directly into a room with pheromones and lavender and letting them decompress. They are not seeing any other pets nor people for several minutes. We have overwhelmingly found that this has reduced stress during visits. If owners want to be present, we can escort you in after your kitties have settled in and been evaluated.

For all of our established pets, we are asking clients to use our drop-off service if there is an urgent situation or no available scheduled appointment slots. We are trying to keep our emergency slots open for new and/or critical patients.

For all of our pets, especially the ones that have done great with our current protocols, curbside service is still available for any owners that prefer that option. Please call well in advance for any non-urgent and wellness visits since we are still booking out up to 2-3 weeks.

Thank you again for your patience and understanding and please call us if you have any questions.

Dr. Hayes